Happy At Home? I Think So!

Dated: November 18 2021

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     Many media outlets are reporting labor shortages. Macy's, Amazon, Walmart and other big box businesses are making adjustments this holiday season. These large companies are offering higher wages and other incentives in order to attract more than one million seasonal employees. We've seen "We're Hiring" signs nationwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic but what are people really saying? 

     The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us how to live our lives in various ways and it has also given people more time to make their homes their safe havens. Plenty of co-workers were adding gyms, planting gardens, and renovating their homes during the pandemic so that idleness would not come knocking at the front door. Some people have discovered new talents while others have simply learned how to trade value for money. Has the pandemic made us happy at home?

     During the start and well into the pandemic, meida outlets were reporting many people with depression due to not knowing how to spend time with loved ones. Some reports showed a skyrocket in divorce rates and others stated that people were just tired of being home and needed that social aspect of their lives to return. How accurate were some of these reports?

Needless to say, at the closing of 2021, we're seeing people live according to their rules and for some it is not working for Walmart, Amazon, nor Macy's.  What did we do to get to this point?

     With plenty of time on our hands, we decluttered our homes. YES! A win for the home team! When I arrived at the local Goodwill, they were not accepting anything due to the overwhelming contributions. So I called around the city and was met witht the same barrier which means people were giving. Can't be upset with that!

     Listening to men and women alike, some were able to attack that "honey do" list that seemed to never go away.  Mowing the lawn, making the beds, rearranging the pets and their stuff, updating the drapes, fixing the diswasher, throwing away old food in the pantry along with many small tasks we lost sight of during our pre-pandemic schedules. 

     And now that we've learned to be happy at home, we socialize with a purpose. Calling family members that live in other cities or countries that we rarely call or hear from has now moved up on the priority list becuase we're more aware of our precious moments. Having smaller and more initmate gatherings which allows us to get to know one another in ways we may have missed previously. And we are more selective with who we spend our time with these days. Shall I say more? Probably not. You get what I'm putting down.

     Let's not forget the most important lesson learned during the pandemic. We've learned to take better care of ourselves! Defintitely a win for the home team! Old habits, new habits, old lessons, new lessons, and a better appreciation regarding self care. There were many stories shared about overcoming habits, people, and jobs that were toxic but we had no choice but to remove more that clutter from our lives while home for over a year. I'll just say this, some of us found a way to connect with the self love we may have overlooked before and now we're more in tune with our mental, spiritual and physical state of mind. No matter what we thought of ourslves before, we are more adept at tackling situations that come our way which enhances our life experiences and allows us to say "NO" more often. We've learned a "NO" to others becomes a "YES" to ourselves. Let's not take it for granted ever again. Love you because I love you. But most importantly, I love me too! 

     We are definitely Happy At Home!

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